Hi there everyone,

   I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Season so far.

   I just wanted to let all of our accommodation and booking friends know that I now own 50% shares of St Lucia Safaris. As the new Operations Managing Partner, I would like to thank all of our friends for your support by giving you extra commission starting immediately!

   The new commission which I will give to our accommodation and booking friends is R23.00 per person. This is not going to be only for the holiday season, but for now and next year as well!

   Our price will remain the same, R170.00 per person, until the 31st of December, 2011. From the 1stof January, 2012, our price will increase by R10 to R180.00 per person.

We hope you all have a prosperous Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

From Jaenie & Abigail and the entire St Lucia Safaris team

P.S. Go have a look at our new website..!